Customized Trucking Company software packages. Includes Project Tracking and analysis, Owner Op Analysis, Repair Tracking, Profit/Loss, etc. Reports, printouts, and multi year analysis is also available.

Customized Vendor Proposal submission software packages. Vendors are able to submit proposals, they can then be committed, reviewed, modified, and copied by in house staff. Import/Export, reports, and analysis features are also included.

Custom built OsCommerce based Web E-Stores.  With a multitude of options, you can have the store you want, the payment methods you need, and inventory tracking you deserve.


Custom built Linux Servers. The Server pictured is an example of our ProtectorPlus. These Servers reside between your LAN and the Internet, and provide Gateway NAT access, Firewall, DMZ, Anti-Spam via Clam AV with Auto-Updating Plugins, Anti-Virus via ClamAV Auto-Updated hourly, Web Mail and Group-Ware via Twiggi, and System Administration via WebAdmin. They can be customized in any fashion you desire. Cube shaped standard Pentium Based Servers generally roll-out for around $1500.00 plus S&H. Prices will vary depending on current hardware prices and customization desired.

Custom built Servers, Workstations, and Gaming Rigs.  You spec it, we build it, Computeeze Branded and all!