Current Projects

What type of projects are we currently working on? Take a look.

We at Computeeze are always striving to expand our knowledge and abilities to adjust to the changing times of the Technology Sector. If your company has a unique need, we want to fullfill it.

For 2019 and 2020 we are focusing on a few areas.

Hot topics: Cloud Computing and VIrtual Machines!  We just finished up migrating three companies to the Cloud.  We migrated Super Radiator Coils and Custom Air Coolers to Microsofts Office 365 Cloud offering.  They use the Exchange Online, SharePoint, and Lync Services.  We also migrated King Richard's Faire over to the iCloud, Apples Cloud offering, where they use it for syncing all their Mail, Contacts, and Calendaring between a myriad of systems and devices.
Clients may want to Outsource their Mail Services to the Cloud. Yet others want to have Automated Backups off site via the Cloud. We specialize in these Technologies!!  Clients want to run multiple Servers on a singel Hardware Platform, we do that too!!  We are currently working with a number of vendors, specifically ShadowCraft, rCloud, MozyPro, Zmanda and others to provide off site On-Line Backups with local componanats that together with rCloud can provide for lightning fast restores and fenced Virtual On-Line Servers for use if local infrastructure is no longer available.  The Virtual Servers can also be used for Upgrade and Update testing and deployments before Live Server deloyments.
Disaster Preparedness and Recovery. Backups, Backups, and Backups!!!  In the case of an emergency, we want to get you back in service as soon as possible. Redundancy, Data Backups, and Plans of Action all go into protecting our clients.  We are also offering Managed Online Backups for all your Backup and Disaster Recovery Needs. We find it is better to be Proactive rather then Reactive in the IT arena.
Automation and Monitoring. Our clients want to know that the backups ran, that their Servers are up and running, and that they have the Documentation available to recover from a disaster. They have the need to know that the Anti-Virus software was updated on time and played out to each workstation. If there is a problem in any of the systems including the AC unit, they need to be notified.  This is all accomplished via Managed IT Services.  Clients can now get Real Time Monitoring and Reporting of Servers, PC's, and Devices.  All from within a Web Based Dashboard that shows all devices and their status.  If a Server has a critical Hard Drive error you will be notified within minutes. 

Security is also a High Profile area this quarter. From changing passwords to preventing Mal-Ware from accessing sensitive data we will be busy protecting our clients, their business, and their data.

We will also be conducting Penetration tests to ensure security is at it's highest. If we see a problem, we correct it.

Development, Deployment, and maintenance of osCommerce and Magento based E-Stores