Past Projects

Virtualizing Windows based Servers as Business Continuity Solutions in case of disaster.  Along wtih virtualizing of legacy Servers.  We are now able to virtualize SCO and Novell Server's as well, to take advantage of legacy applications and environments.

Systems integrations for Super Radiator, based out of Chaska Minnesota. Linux Gateways running SpamAssassin that auto scans email, Unix server running Sophos AV that auto scans email for virus's, automated scripts for auto updating Sophos to all servers including Linux, Unix, Novell, and Workstations. Setup all servers, networks, wiring, connectivity, printers, terminals, workstations, etc.

Created the Truckers Calculator for the MTA, Minnesota Truckers Association. It takes input from an Owner Operator and analysis it, and gives an hourly profit/loss for the given period and Project.

Disaster Recovery for Hamer Inc, based out of Plymouth Minnesota. They had a Novell server that lost its hard drive, due to failure. We had backups via previous installs, but were able to recover the entire system from the failing hard drive, in a timely fashion.

Herzing College, based out of Crystal Minnesota. We setup Linux Web Servers with Twiggi GroupWare and Web-Mail, deployed a DMZ area for student access, and setup a secure LAN for the Admin Section. There are also secured Labs with an implementation of Sophos AV on each Lab Server with auto updating enabled.