Server Vertualizations.

Computeeze has gained Expertise Status with Netware Virtualizations!

We are currently assisting clients migrate Netware Servers into VMWare Virtual Machines, and we have just gained Expertise Status with our Partners at Portlock!.  We use their Portlock Storage Manager to image Netware Servers and then migrate the image to VMWare Server Space, via a unique and highly efficient method of over the wire restoration.   
We are now able to deploy and safeguard Virtual Machine duplicates of your Legacy Servers and Aplications.  We work with Netware (4.x/5.x/6.x).
The Support that we get directly from Portlocks knowledgable Engineers is unprecedented! 
We have successfully virtualized SCO's Open Server 6 and legacy apps such as FIlePro.
  So if you have a Legacy App, that will not migrate nicely, we are here to help!  You can now keep and maintain your legacy Server, Environment, and Application, and migrate it into the 21st Century.